Internal Engine Coatings

Race Coating’s new line of PERFORMANCE ENGINE COATINGS reduces friction and adds life to engine components while increasing horsepower.  This two step process provides a thermal barrier coating to the combustion face of the piston and a lubritic dry film coating on the skirt.  The thermal barrier coating helps maintain combustion temperatures and prevent heat soak to the rings, causing radial tension loss leading to losses in compression and excessive oil consumption.  The coating on the skirts greatly reduces friction and prevents scuffing and galling of the cylinders. Oil temperature can be dropped allowing vital engine components to operate at increased levels with this application.

Power is increased in a number of ways:Coated Pistons

- Increased Horsepower and Torque
- Increased Lubrication protection
- Reduced Friction
- Shed Carbon
- Extended part life
- Increased Gas Velocity
- Reduced intake manifold tempatures